Hartford County CT Basement Remodeling, Basement Finishing

Make the Most of Your Basement The basement of many homes is neglected, left undecorated and kept unlivable. If you are one of these people that has held off working on your basement, I suggest you think again. Consider the incredible potential that lies just below   the main floor of your home. Think not only about the square footage that making   your basement functional would add to your family’s space, but think too about all of the great ways you could put that space to use.

Think about all of the things that have been added to the collections and treasures of everyone in your family. In no time a home can go from being barely filled to becoming overfilled. The extra set of golf clubs or fishing rods, you know, just in case. The boxes and crates filled with craft supplies from the latest and greatest sales. The stuffed animals that your now teenaged children don’t want to live without. I’d like to suggest to you that one of the biggest and best reasons to finish the basement of your home is to make space for storage. Devote an entire section or room in your basement to hold the treasures of your family in an organized way. Besides providing space for organization and storage, your basement can be a great place to give each member of your family a little nook of their own.

Do you love to collect articles and mementos from your favorite sporting events and teams? If so, make a space in your basement to display all the things you’re proud of. Or, better yet, let the things you’ve collected adorn the walls of a room and then fill it with exercise equipment to get you in shape as well. If your dining room table has been taking over by your wife’s latest sewing or scrapbooking project, give her the craft room of her dreams in your basement. Finish off a room just for her. Build shelves and cabinets to hold all of her things and she will love you like never before.

You will get the dining room table back and your wife will get a sacred space all for herself. Your kids will love having part of the basement to play in as well. There is nothing quite like having room for a toy closet or a carpeted play area. Finishing off a play space for your children will give them hours of endless entertainment and give you hours of peace and quiet someplace else. You’ll never know all the ways that making your basement remodeling a livable space will make your life better. Take your family out   to dinner and announce the start of the project that everyone will love. They will be excited to participate in finishing the basement because they know how fun a new space will be.

One of the best investments you can make to your house is basement finishing. With drywall, painted walls, artistic ceilings, carpet, tile, and today’s variety of trim and moldings any basement can become a place for entertaining friends and family. At AK Construction we can help you decide how your new basement can best meet your new needs.  Whether your family is growing, and you are not ready to move, or for families looking for some extra space, we can help you add extra room at a minimum expense.  But you don’t have to stop with the basics. Today’s basements can be converted to rooms as elegant and open as any in your primary living spaces. Popular basement finishing projects include saunas, hot tubs, and steam rooms. If you are looking for a professional basement remodeling company please.

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